The Strategy of UNO Youth…

UNO Youth will ask our partner schools, “How can we help in the areas of character development, community belonging, and spiritual and emotional care?” Then, working with the school staff, we will champion the plan to meet these needs.

UNO Youth will deploy a Campus Ministry Director to each partner school.

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UNO Youth will serve as a ministry of the regional Church of Northeast Ohio.

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Primary Goals for a Campus Ministry Director are:

Establish a ministry structure that includes a faculty & staff advisory team, a ministry leadership team, and a partnership with two or more local churches for each assigned campus.

Collaborate with school partners on a regular basis to assess student needs in the areas of character, community, and care.
Initiate activities to meet the identified student needs including voluntary after-school opportunities for students to build courageous character based on biblical truth, and initiate connections with local churches for students who desire this and are not already part of a local church.
Lead as a servant leader and as a facilitator of the partnership between the school and the local churches. Lead in a way to ensure the love of Jesus is demonstrated in all UNO Youth activities. Lead a voluntary after school program (on campus if possible) to address the areas of character, community, and care, as well as share the Gospel.
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UNO Youth will serve the regional Church of Northeast Ohio.

UNO Youth will be a network of local churches who are committed to collaborate and cooperate in order to fulfill the mission of UNO Youth.

A Spiritual Advisory Board, assembled from spiritual leaders of the Church of Northeast Ohio, will provide spiritual oversight for this ministry.

A Board of Directors, assembled from community and church leaders, will be responsible for overseeing the resourcing and the operation of this ministry.

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